Aluminum and Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

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COR-TEN Fabrication

Accufab offers Corten fabrication in Winnipeg. We recommend using Cor-Ten Steel when you need high structural strength and expect difficulty with pursuing maintenance services on the product. Cor-Ten, otherwise known as weathering steel, has mechanical qualities similar to standard steels and may be used in constructing lighter products or structures. 

corten fabrication winnipeg

A low alloy, weldable and strong structural steel, Corten metal fabrication offers high resistance to weather extremes as found in Winnipeg, and can be used in unpainted or painted conditions. Corten’s superior weather resistance is due to its preservative oxide coating that protects this steel from corrosion. Dark brown oxide coatings actually repair themselves if damaged or chipped, which perpetuates the continuity of appearance and protection. This self-regenerating property also reduces the expense of initially painting the steel and repainting it, if necessary.

Corten provides corrosion protection to unpainted parts that have sustained damage. While damaged painted areas will develop protective oxide film, this protection also extends to area edges to help decrease the “creep” of corrosion under the paint.

Cor-Ten Fabrication in Winnipeg

Contact us today to learn more about our precision Corten fabrication techniques and guarantee of on-time delivery. Accufab offers metal fabrication and aftermarket, OEM and production parts assembly as well.