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Parts Fabrication and Parts Assembly


As a leading contract metal manufacturing company in Canada, we consistently supply our customers with top quality fabricated metal assemblies that precisely adhere to specifications. Our experienced, highly skilled employees have dedicated themselves to ensuring both custom-engineered and build to print products are made to the highest quality and standards possible. In addition, Accufab Metalworks CNC technicians rigorously conform to all production requirements as requested by our customers.

Whether a project needs MIG welding of aluminum or carbon steel, complex assemblies, CNC machining or other metal fabrication process, we offer the kind of experience, professionalism and knowledge essential for supporting your requirements. Accufab is THE go-to, contract metal manufacturing pro depended on by top organizations within the agriculture, transportation and aerospace industries.

We can also function as a collaborative component of your team by offering assistance with solving problems involving the manufacturing of project parts. We understand how important it is to keep costs to a minimum and will work with you to give you superior products at affordable prices.


Accufab Metalwork’s existing and new customers can take advantage of our professional sheet metal parts assembly services to reduce expense and production complexities. We have the ability to assemble the most intricate parts made of sheet metal and tubes coupled with related parts to construct assemblies equal or superior to OEM parts.

Components we assemble and integrate range from simple assemblies of fabricated metal parts to more complicated electromechanical assemblies presenting extensive BOMs. Our team knows the importance of the assembling process is just as essential to the long-term functioning of a product as welding, fabrication, cutting and pressing. We collaborate with our customers to determine the correct assembling process based on several factors, such as part functionality, number of parts and what kind of hardware is best suited to assemble the component.

Types of parts assembly services provided by Accufab include:

  • Weld assembly — A weld assembly fuses at multiple parts together to create one assembly. Filler metal is added during the welding process if needed to optimize assembly quality.

  • A spot weld assembly — This type involves fusing two component flanges pieces that are made from varying thicknesses of sheet metal.

  • Hardware or mechanical assemblies — Fasteners/hardware such as screws, nuts and bolts are used to assemble multiple parts.

  • Rivet assemblies — When an assembly requires exceptional strength or is made of a certain material, we may use rivets to construct the assembly.

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Parts Fabrication and Assembly

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