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CNC Equipment

Our CNC equipment and fabrication capabilities in Winnipeg support a variety of large and complex projects you have or may be considering. Whether galvanized by the demand for concise launch-to-market timelines, increased production accommodations or protection from the risks of supply chain issues, Accufab’s business model aggressively promotes long-term, strategic advantages for all leading transportation, agricultural and aerospace equipment manufacturers.

CNC Equipment in Winnipeg provided by Accufab Metalworks


    To ensure precision cutting of intricately designed parts, Accufab Metalworks utilizes a laser with up to a 1/2" plate capable of extremely tight tolerances


    With up to ¼" plate and tolerances of +/- .030", Accufab Metalworks' CNC press brake machine incorporates a cutting-edge design that allows operators to facilitate the arrangement of complex bend sequences.


    Accufab Metalworks uses a CNC Punch providing up to ¼" plate and tolerances +/- .030", and the die set and bed of CNC punch presses are controlled by a primary computer that interprets preloaded programs into one set of sequential operations.


How Do Our Customers Benefit from CNC Machining?

Autonomous machining and digital templates of CNC equipment nearly eliminate errors. In fact, CNC laser cutters, press brakes and punch presses used at Accufab Metalworks generally achieve an accuracy rate within 1/1000th.

CNC machines execute large quantities of superior products following input of design parameters and other specifications. Their flexible scalability vastly improves our ability to exceed customer expectations.

By utilizing state-of-the-art design software, our CNC machines and operators create products that cannot be duplicated by manual machines. Experienced engineers working with conventional, metal-cutting machines haven’t come close to developing world-class products we provide using CNC machines guided by advanced software.

Cumulative results of a CNC machine’s efficiency, expedited speed, precision and specialization abilities mean customers enjoy superior products—at lower costs. Contact Accufab Metalworks today to find out how you can exceed your goals by enjoying remarkable products delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

cnc equipment
cnc equipment

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