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CNC Break

CNC Break

With up to ¼” plate and tolerances of +/- .030″, Accufab Metalworks’ CNC press brake machine incorporates a cutting-edge design that allows operators to facilitate the arrangement of complex bend sequences. This allows us to quickly and precisely manufacture products to our customers’ specifications. In addition, our CNC press brake operators do not need to estimate pressure amounts to create specific bend degrees. Instead, they can enter factors like material type, flange length, bend degree and thickness directly into the CNC control system to ensure exact measurements. Parts ordered are viewable in multi-dimensional finished versions.


Operators of CNC press brake machines must be well-trained, experienced and receive instructional updates on how to properly use this machine.

Accufab's operators of CNC press brake machines have one goal—and that's to make the best parts possible for our customers while minimizing setup times, helping to reduce costs. Since setup time isn't used to make parts, we employ only highly skilled operators who have the expertise to ensure customers expenditures are kept as low as possible.

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