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CNC Laser Cutter

CNC laser cutter

Amada Quattro CNC Laser Cutter

To ensure precision cutting of intricately designed parts, Accufab Metalworks utilizes a CNC laser cutter with up to a 1/2″ plate capable of extremely tight tolerances that yields superior cut quality and has a minimal kerf width and heat affect zone, allowing for the accurate cutting of small holes and complicated shapes. CNC laser cutters cause rapid heating and vaporizing of metal materials, providing customers with products made to their exact specifications. Operators of our CNC laser cutter have years of experience using this state-of-the-art machine. With their in-depth knowledge of the laser cutter’s capacity height controls, operators can maintain rigorously accurate distances between metal plates and the nozzle’s end. Determining the right distance perimeters is essential to placing the focal point relative to the plate’s surface or it can have a negative impact on cut quality.

Laser cutting also decreases the need for secondary processing, expediting lead times on low or high volume orders. Using the newest nesting software and CAD, our team at Accufab Metalworks will help save money and time by reducing waste amounts for each project.

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