Aluminum and Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

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We weld stainless steel, aluminum and Cor-Ten metal. We also do MIG welding upon request.


Advantages of MIG Welding

Metal inert gas welding, or MIG welding, allows welding of metal more rapidly than traditional techniques. MIG welding is recommended for aluminum and other “soft” metals. Carbon dioxide and other semi-inert gases used in MIG welding supports a shielding functioning that makes this type of welding more cost effective when welding steel. You also get a quicker, cleaner and longer continuous weld with MIG welding, while significantly reducing the possibility of “start and stop” defects.


Don’t confuse MIG welding with TIG welding. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding uses a specific “W” (Tungsten) electrode and argon gas. Although the general mechanisms of the TIG and MIG welding process are similar, TIG welding differs significantly in regards to filling. Since a non-consumable electrode is used with TIG welding, a filler must be externally provided. TIG welding is more complex and costly compared to MIG.

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