Aluminum and Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

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Industrial Paint Coating

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Accufab can finish paint any components and assemblies in our paint booth that require an industrial paint coating that will meet the standards you require.

Working with all paint suppliers, Accufab can review your industrial paint coating performance requirements, conduct relevant test components and work with our suppliers to ensure it meets your appearance, performance and costing requirements.

  • Basecoat/clear coat
  • Single stage urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Sandable primers

With trained professional painters, Accufab has one of the most experienced liquid coating teams around, allowing us to continuously train our team on new technologies and equipment which only allows us to ensure your needs are properly assessed, properly quoted and consistently delivered.

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We work with all Canadian, U.S. and international companies searching for a reputable provider of stainless, aluminum and metal parts fabrication products and services.

Priming Stainless Steel

The nonporous property of stainless steel means painters must improve paint adhesion by abrading stainless steel before applying paint. If not properly abraded, painted stainless steel will eventually start chipping and peeling. Due to its durability and hardness, steel must be abraded using special metal-etching primers that prepare surfaces for paint. After priming stainless steel appropriately, paint will adhere to steel. However, only certain types of paint work best when painting stainless steel.


Priming stainless steel reinforces its ability to bond to paint and also provides extenders that add weight and substance to a solution. Increasing the strength of the bond between paint and metal further helps boost paint’s durability and resistance to damage.


While primer does prepare stainless steel for a coating of paint, we take several initial steps to ensure steel is prepared as completely as possible for primer. For example, old paint or rust is thoroughly scraped off using a special tool meant to clean stainless steel. Any residue is then brushed off to provide a clean surface on which to apply primer. Knowing how to prepare stainless steel for priming is essential for guaranteeing our customer’s products maintain a flawless, durable finish.

Stainless steel would be vulnerable to corrosion if it wasn't properly primed before being painted. Primers used at Accufab effectively protect, seal and clean steel. Primers increase stainless steel's passivity, which strengthens its resistance to salt, humidity, extreme temperature fluctuations and other environmental stressors that cause corrosion.

Metal Fabrication Services

Accufab can fabricate OEM, aftermarket and other production parts and assemblies from various metal materials.