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Accufab Metalworks specializes in metal fabrication of production, OEM and aftermarket parts for the transportation, agricultural and aerospace industries. With more than 20 years of experience as a Winnipeg metal fabricator in aluminum, stainless and steel parts fabrication, our team has the expertise necessary to deliver the precision-made OEM, aftermarket and replacement parts that your business needs.

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    Winnipeg Metal Fabricator

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    OEM, Aftermarket and Production Parts

Accufab Services and Equipment

OEM, Aftermarket and Production Parts for the Transportation, Agricultural and Aerospace Industries

We’ve maintained a heavy focus on metal fabrication of aluminum, stainless and steel parts for the transportation industry since we first opened in 1998, but our work today is hardly limited to only making aftermarket parts for buses and motorcoaches. Today, we’re proud to offer a full array of production, aftermarket and replacement parts. We are centrally located in Winnipeg, as your metal fabrication specialists.

Accufab Metalworks

In order to produce high-quality parts that our customers can rely on year after year, we focus on investing in the quality of our team and facilities. Our employees are highly trained professionals in the industry, and have extensive experience with aluminum, stainless and steel metal fabrication. Additionally, our facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba includes everything required for:

Laser cutting, in particular, has revolutionized how well these types of parts can be made. With extremely fine lasers, we’re able to make complex parts with great precision that fits perfectly every time.


Our commitment to precision isn’t limited to only laser cutting. We guarantee that each piece manufactured will fit regardless of how the part is made. Every project is carefully laid out and executed, and goes through quality performance checks to ensure there are no defects. When we deliver parts to you, you can trust they’ll fit and function as promised.

We can fabricate aftermarket, OEM, or production replacement parts with the precision you demand.

If you’re in the transportation, agricultural or aerospace industry and responsible for vehicles, contact us to learn more about our metal fabrication solutions.


We’ve worked with businesses throughout Canada and other countries, and we have everything necessary to provide the aluminum, stainless and steel parts fabrication services that you need.


One of our representatives would be happy to help you with a quote based on your business’ needs.

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Thousands of Projects and Millions of Metal Fabricated Parts

Over our two-plus decades as a Winnipeg metal fabricator, we’ve executed hundreds of projects and fabricated literally millions of parts.

As those numbers reflect, we primarily work on production line projects. Our demonstrated ability to deliver parts and assemblies on time and with first time quality has established Accufab to differentiate itself from our competitors.

Winnipeg metal fabrictor

Winnipeg Metal Fabricator

Winnipeg metal fabrication

Quality fitting parts the first time.

Accufab Metalworks delivers consistent parts with nearly zero rejects.

Accufab Metalworks consistently delivers perfect fitting parts for our motorcoaches. Year after year, there is never an issue with fitment, quality or rejected parts. We will continue to use Accufab for all our aftermarket transportation parts.

John Smith

CEO of New Flyer

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We specialize in aftermarket parts fabrication for the transporation, agriculture, food and aerospace industries.

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